Camera Development

Hello World!

Hello world! Welcome to our newest tech-project, a highspeed > 1000 fps camera. It is currently in an early development stage, but we were already able to receive first highspeed recordings (our sensor currently just supports black & white images). With the current image-sensor we are able to record in ~600 fps @ 640×480. Now have a look at our first highspeed video recording:

With 320 x 240 we are able to achieve even higher framerates (up to 2400 frames / sec). So let us have a look at the same scene again, but this time with higher fps and lower resolution:

Our current camera setup is pretty simple. A simple pcb with the image-sensor, a 3d-printed c-mount lens holder and the objective itself. (we used a Tamron F1.2 objective for our tests)

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