Camera Development

First highspeed videos

Hey, great news! We were able to record first highspeed videos with the new image sensor, in color and in nearly the full framerate the sensor is capable of recording. Let’s compare different settings (resolution & framerate):

The first 2 videos are a fire from a blowlamp, with up to 480 fps (speedup x16 @30fps). To ‘spice it up’ we added some salt in the first video and aluminium powder in the second video for a spectacular fire effect (starts at 0:19).

The next 3 videos demonstrate small resolutions (320 x 200) but a very high frame rate at the same time (up to 2600 fps). The first 2 videos are a lemon and an apple mixed in a blender with different levels of slow-motion (up to 85 times slower @30 fps, starting at 0:12).

It should be pointed out, that the blade at the bottom is moving with 110-120 rotations per second, and it still can be seen without much motion blur on single frames (in the lemon video as example between 0:18 and 0:30). This is possible due to the extremely low exposure time each single frame was taken. We can see the blade moving in low fps again in the next video, this time without any fruits. The blade at full-speed in max. slow-mo can be seen at 0:15.

The next 3 videos are showing a vibrating forceps up to 16 times slower. Note that the two parts of the forceps are vibrating like a coupled oscillator, i.e. at first the upper part is moving, the lower part is barely moving, some oscillations later the lower part is moving, but the upper part not, and then again the other way around, etc.

The next two videos show waves in a small glass of water, stimulated by a vibrating forceps.

Of course we can also record high-resolution videos, but then (of course) we have to drastically reduce the frame rate. In this example we dropped some colored water-drops on a plate filled with uncolored water. I recommend to watch the video in full-screen, so it is not scaled down to fit on this page.

At the end let’s drop some silicone parts on the floor for fun and watch them bounce. 🙂

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